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1. Bolster Your Immune Response

The only real defense you have against any disease is your body’s immune system and its ability to respond to invasions.  This brief manual will instruct you on some of the main things to do in the short term and eventually long term to develop habits that will make your immune system work better, faster and handle any invasions you might encounter.

Things to Avoid or Eliminate
Normally I put the list of things not to do after the things to do but in this case, I think it helps more this way.  You’ll understand why. A word about the lists--- I have reviewed a great deal of published articles containing research to support these conclusions.  I have listed only a few references at the end of this manual so that you can see it represents our best evaluation of the current knowledge base on this subject. For brevity sake, I have not provided the in-depth explanations here.  Anytime you would like, I can provide you with an exhaustive list of the reverences.

  1. Eliminate the use of Broad Spectrum Antibiotics. They totally destroy the normal gut (good) bacteria and virtually shut off any immune response. It may take up to 2 years to recover from one 10 day dose.
  2. Eliminate Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs(NSAIDs). They damage the mucosal lining of the gut which detects pathogens and triggers an immune response.
  3. Eliminate Stomach Antacids. Normal stomach acid is critically important to kill the bad bacteria going into the gut before it reaches the colon.
  4. Eliminate Artificial Sweeteners. Products like sacralose, saccharin, aspartame and other non-nutritional artificial sweeteners alter the gut holobiome killing good bacteria and allowing bad bacteria to pass. A Duke study showed that a single packet of Splenda kills 50% of the normal gut flora.
  5. Eliminate Environmental Chemicals Effecting Hormone Levels. Synthetic hormone therapies, low dose estrogen-like chemicals found in plastics, scented cosmetics, preservatives, and sunscreens must be totally eliminated.
  6. Eliminate Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs) and the Herbicide Roundup. Herbicide, pesticide and insecticide use in and around our soils may find its way into our food and have a devastating effect on your nerve cells.
  7.  Eliminate or reduce Exposure to Blue Light. Blue light exposure reduces the production of melatonin, the hormone that helps you fall asleep among many other things.
  8. Eliminate ingestion of Refined Sugars. A Stanford University study showed refined sugar intake to cut the immune response by 50% for four hours or more following ingestion.
  9. Eliminate the use of disinfectants. Chemical disinfectants such as rubbing alcohol, Purell Hand Sanitizer and Clorox Disinfecting Wipes destroy your human holobiome; that aura of good bacterial agents surrounding your skin and hands that defend you against the bad bacteria.
  10. Eliminate the exposure to Unproven Vaccinations.  Avoid vaccinations that do not have a proven track record of being safe and effective at improving your immune response.

  11. Things to Do

    This discussion of things to do involves taking natural supplements.  Don’t run to the pharmacy or grocery store and buy the vitamins recommended in this list. Unless you obtain these items from the right kind of source material, they will be useless to your efforts in helping your immune response. Most synthetic ingredients found in the pharmacy or local health food stores may be, in fact more harmful to your physiological efforts to be healthy than they are helpful.  I have spent considerable time finding the products that will actually help you with this effort. If you decide you want some, please let me know and I will arrange for you to get them from the whole foods sources indicated.  The specific formulas I recommend are also available on Amazon for about $5 per bottle more than what I can get them for you.

    1. Get 20-40 Minutes of sunshine every day;
    2. Exercise 30-45 min every day;
    3. Rest/Sleep 8 hours every night;
    4. Meditation/Music listening 30 minutes each day;
    5. Take 1 tblspn of Apple Cider Vinegar 2 times each day
    6. Take 40 mcg Vitamin D twice per day;
    7. Take 40 mg Vitamin C twice per day;
    8. Take 300 mg of Calcium Lactate twice per day;
    9. Take 75 mg of Magnesium twice per day;
    10. Take 600 mg of selected blend of probiotics twice per day;
    11. Eat nuts in place of all grains except sorghum and millet;
    12. Increase your intake of oils to 10 ml per day.

Water: The amount of water you need is calculated as 1/2 your body weight in oz. per day. i.e. if you weigh 200 lbs, you need to drink 100 oz. of water each day. That is only water! Other drinks do not count. In fact, if you drink soda, coffee or energy drinks, they subtract from your daily water intake and add to your requirement. (If you drink 8 oz. of coffee and you weight 180 lbs, your water intake requirement just went up from 90 to 98 oz.)

Water containing chlorine, flourine or bromine is very harmful to you and should be avoided. Drink only fresh spring water (most bottled water is tap water, don't be fooled). Buying water in plastic containers presents a waste/recycling burden so plan accordingly. If you do not have a good source of spring water, distilled water is the next best option with several problems, however. It too, must be purchased in plastic unless you invest in a distiller. Distilled water does not have minerals in it which you need. Be sure to augment your supplementation with sufficient trace minerals and electrolytes.


  1. Fast 8-16 hours at least once per week;
  2. Have a 60 minute lymphatic massage every month:
  3. Perform a Liver/Kidney cleanse every 3-6 months;
  4. Remove as much as possible any toxic prescription drugs;
  5. Eliminate alcohol, coffee and energy drinks from your diet.

Preferred Foods

  1. Nuts: macadamia, walnuts, pistachios, Pecans;
  2. Oils: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Macadamia Oil, Avocado Oil, Tuna Oil, Sesame Oil;
  3. Vegetables: Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cauliflower, Napa Cabbage, Swiss chard, watercress, Kale, red cabbage, celery onions, artichokes, beets, asparagus, garlic, Romaine, red and green leaf lettuce, spinach, endive, parsley, basil;
  4. Limited Vegetables: sweet potatoes, rutabaga, parsnips, turnips;
  5. Meats; all pasture raised- chicken, turkey, duck, grass fed beef, lamb, venison;
  6. Fish: Wild salmon, calamari, Alaskan halibut, shrimp, crab scallops, lobster;
  7. Vinegar: balsamic;
  8. Cheese: Gouda, Goat.

Forbidden Foods (absolutely)

  • Starches: Pasta, rice, potatoes, milk, bread, tortillas, pastry, flour from grains, crackers;
  • Sweets: cakes, cookies candy,  pie, ice cream, cereal, ketchup, mayonnaise;
  • Diet Drinks and Sugar drinks;
  • Caffeinated drinks, energy drinks made with caffeine;
  • Nuts and Seeds: Pumpkin, cashews, peanuts, sunflower;
  • Vegetables: peas, sugar peas, legumes, green beans, chickpeas, soy, tofu, soy protein (except whey) sprouts, lentils;
  • Fruits: berries, (except blue) cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkins, squashes, melons, eggplant, tomatoes, bell peppers, chili peppers;
  • Dairy: milk(unless raw), yogurt, Greek yogurt;
  • Ice cream, Frozen Yogurt, Frozen custard, Ricotta, Cottage Cheese, Kefir, Casein protein powders;
  • Grain fed beef, fish, shellfish, chicken, lamb pork;
  • Sprouted or pseudo-grains and grasses: whole wheat grains, Oats, Rye, Brown Rice, White rice, Barley, buckwheat, corn;
  • Corn products;
  • Cornstarch, corn syrup, wheat grass, barley grass;
  • Oils: soy, corn, peanut, cottonseed, grape seed, safflower, sunflower, canola, partially hydrogenated oils.

Cleaning Products Substitutes

Instead of using bleach based products, use a 1:1 diluted mix of water and white vinegar.  Although you will have some odor residual, it will not last long and is far preferable for some than the bleach smell.  It has no harmful effects to your skin, mucosal linings or gut linings, all of which are harmed by bleach and chlorine odors.

  • Method 1: Air Freshener Spray. Distilled white vinegar can be used for odor removal,...
  • Method 2: Fabric Softener. Vinegar not only helps clean your laundry better, it also deodorizes it.
  • Method 3: Stainless Steel Cookware Cleaner.
  • Method 4: Window Cleaner. Vinegar is...

The degree to which you can comply with each of these items will be the degree to which your immune system defends you against any disease invader.

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