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General Health
General Health is a condition that may exist in some people but most people are seeking it constantly.  It consists of the combination of many behaviors all at once.  Patients who have followed the advice under each section below have been able to achieve a reasonable level of health.  This does not mean they have an absence of disease. That would be called absolute health and is a far more complicated achievement. See our brochure on Absolute Health for detailed instructions.

Posture is the ideal balance and mechanical relationship of the body’s ability to bear weight properly in various positions. Strong posture requires an understanding

of weight bearing ideals and how to achieve them. Weak posture is what you get when you don’t work on having strong posture. Without strong posture, no exercise will be effective.

Stability is the state of being stable and in terms of health we consider this important. Joints are kept stable by healthy functioning ligaments and other soft tissues. Body chemistry stability is in term of what is called homeostasis. Stability is necessary for the other part of life to thrive.  When joints age or degenerate, stability is usually lost.  Then it takes muscles to do the job of the ligaments until they heal. When the disc degenerate from disease or injury, they do not readily improve without intervention.

Mobility is the ability to move a joint or combinations of joints from one position to another. When this is lost due to injury, disease or periods of inactivity, mobility must be restored in order to expect healing to take place.

Flexibility is the quality of bending easily without breaking. In terms of health, we expect movement of the joints to be relatively easy to accomplish.

Agility is the ability to accelerate, decelerate, stabilize and change directions quickly and easily while maintaining proper posture. When agility is maintained, overall body health and activity can be expected on a daily basis.

Exercise is one key to attain and maintain the body mobility, strength and stimulation of the neurological bed. Daily stretching and resistive activates are necessary for health. See our exercise Introduction and Whole Body Tune Up for good daily exercise routines for health.

Walking is the preferred, daily exercise for people of all ages. Good shoes, proper clothing, water and posture are all critical for walking to be effective. A smooth, familiar surface is best so that trips and falls can be eliminted and safety from all other entities may be insured. 45 minutes of symmetical walking per day is recommended. Normal armswing is critical for spine and joint health. When beninning any walking program, go for 1 minute and return. If there are no limitations from a doctor or therapist regarding spine or joint injury or disease, and no symptoms from the day before, increase the time 1 minute per day, until you reach a walking time of 45 minutes. Stretch all related muscles 1 minute each group before you walk and after you walk. Drink modest amounts of water before, during and after you walk. Then rest.

Detoxification of the body is critical to improve cellular health and thus every other physiologic function of the body. Our current life style and environment subjects our bodies to poison in so many ways. See our video on Detox.

Water is essential for life to exist.  Water facilitates the transport of nutritional ingredients to get from the gut to the blood stream, from the blood steam through the cell wall and from inside the cell to the mitochondria to make energy.  We have long been ill-advised on how much water is necessary to consume each day. It’s a simple formula for the general consumption of water. Divide your body weight in half, change lbs. to oz. and that is how much water one should drink. For example, a 200 lb. person should drink 100 oz. per day.  We recommend spring water if available or distilled water (and mineral supplements).  Most bottled water is just expensively packaged tap water and contains chlorine, fluorine, heavy metals, viruses and many other environmental toxins. See our video on Water.

Air must be fresh and free from particulate matter as much as possible. Purifiers in the home and office are recommended with regular filter changes. Trips to the mountains or countryside where city pollution is diminished is advisable. Breathing smoke from any source will prohibit you from being healthy.

Sleep is necessary for the body. Rest is also necessary. They are not the same. There are several behaviors necessary to obtain a good night’s sleep. Everyone needs 7-9 hours of good sleep each night. A pre-sleep routine is recommended to reduce body and mind stress and tension. Avoiding food 3-4 hours prior to bed time is always recommended and certain foods such as cheese or caffeine should not be eaten 6 hours prior to sleep.  Breathing and medication exercises and routines are helpful to prepare for sleep. Chemicals from bed sheets, mattress covers and air freshener sprays should be eliminated in the bedroom. Blue light from screens should be kept to a minimum 6 hours before sleep and limited every day. The ideal room temperature for sleep is 60-67 degrees F. With a BioPosture mattress and sleep system, joint pain can be reduced or eliminated.  

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Food is the key to health. The body is designed to function extremely well when it is fed  the proper ingredients and all harmful substances are avoided. We have a good list of what to eat and not eat in our Absolute Health Brochure

Fasting and Weight Control – are challenges for most people.  There is much that can be learned on this subject. Basically, if you want to turn the gene switch off for carbohydrate metabolism, one needs to limit the consumption of carbohydrates to 20 Grams or less per day for 20 days in a row.  

Daily Supplementation

If you already take supplements, they are most likely synthetic.  If they are not whole food concentrates from Standard Process, then please see the link on my web page and listen to this short lecture:
Click here: “Lecture by Dr. Michael Dobbins”

Frankly, there is no point in taking anything that will not actually help you heal.  Before you begin to expect results from taking supplements for any specific conditions or set of symptoms, you must first raise the general body storehouse of food by taking the following supplements as recommended:
Catalyn                        6/day
Tuna Oil Omega 3       4/day
Calcium Lactate          6/day taken on empty stomach
Trace Minerals B12     2/day
Cataplex D                  2/day
ProSynbiotic               2/meal
Prolamine Iodine         1/day in the evening at first then graduate slowly per instructions from the doctor.

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