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Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain is the most common complaint causing time loss from work in the United States today. There are many causes of lower back pain including simple misalignments of the spine, strains of the muscles, sprains of the ligaments, motion dysfunction of the joints, thinning of the discs, bulging and ruptures of the discs and irritation and pinching of the nerves. Sometimes, the pain is caused by a combination of many of these.

The main reason that the tissues of the back become painful is mechanical. They stop working properly either from overuse, injury or disease. These things can largely be avoided with proper education and application of good spinal health habits and like any mechanical device, regular maintenance of the working parts.

Daily exercise and periodic adjustment of the spine is a winning combination in eliminating and preventing back pain.

The Doctor recommends regular check ups based on age:

  • Age 25 - yearly checkups
  • Age 40 - every 6 months
  • Age 50 - every 3 months
  • Age 60 and above - each month

Compliance has proven to maintain spinal health, reduce symptoms and minimize the effects of injuries.