Acute Cervical Spine Injuries

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Exercises for the Ankle

Please do the exercises indicated and refrain from ALL others. These exercises are specific to your condition. They should not be passed on to friends or family without consulting the doctor first. It is understood that all stretching exercises should be done in the absence of pain.

Please perform the following maneuvers 3 times each day, each for the first week when instructed to do so by the doctor:

1. While seated, using your big toe as an imaginary pencil, please write each letter of the alphabet and the numbers 1-9 on an imaginary wall.

2. While standing and leaning against the wall, put one foot behind you and lean toward the wall so that the calf on that leg stretches slowly. Retun to the nromal standing position and repeat 5 times.

After the fourth day of performing the above, please perform these maneuvers 3 times each day for the next 4 days:

3. Stand while holding on to a door handle (that is sturdy and closed) or a stair rail and do 10 slow heel raises on both feet, 10 times counts as once.