Digital Recording

The fees relative to recording in the Salt City Sound studio are as follows:


Studio Recording $75 per hour

Remote Recording $100 per hour

Digital Editing and mixing $75 per hour

Output Format

Master CD (1 included)

.wav files to a flash drive No Charge - you furnish the drive

Duplicate CDs $1 each

Label $1 each (you design and provide art/graphics)

Paper Sleeve included

Plastic Sleeve $1

All fees are to be paid in cash at the beginning of each 2 hour session or for larger blocks of times agreed upon in advance. Dates and times for the studio must be scheduled in advance and 24 hours notice is required to cancel any times reserved to avoid any charges.

A schedule of songs and tracks is best to prepare in advance so as to minimize time charged for set up. Rehearsal of songs in the studio is the same charge for recording, so please come prepared to record so as not to increase your costs by rehearsing once you arrive.

If you plan to bring minus tracks already mixed and recorded, pleased make certain they are .wav files so that the highest quality can be obtained. If you plan to record instruments and make your own accompaniment tracts, please inform us ahead of time regarding the instruments you desire to record and how many other artists will be coming with you at each session. The best results are generally obtained when each instrument is recorded one at a time beginning with percussion instruments first; drums, piano, bells, etc and then chord instruments such as guitars, etc and then lead line instruments last such as guitars, horns and wood winds. Once the accompaniment tracts are laid down and cleaned and perfected, lead vocals and lastly harmony may be added. This order will most often produce the best results for you and save you the most time.

The studio is to be booked in two hours blocks of time for recording so you should plan your schedule accordingly. I will usually be the recording engineer for all the sessions unless you prefer to bring your own. We use ProTools and Adobe Audition and anyone wishing to engineer for you will need to be checked out on the equipment prior to beginning to record. I will generally not be the producer or director of the musical project so please plan to have those assignments in mind prior to starting.


If you have any other questions, please call email me or call at 801-673-7591.