Biographical Sketch

K & B Artists was organized in October of 2001 with a desire to present the music of the recent past from Broadway productions.

With a Tenor like Bruce Gundersen, the sky is the limit. He is a District Gold Medal winner and producer of the Saltaires Show Chorus. His 32 years of quartet experience have been enhanced by special musical theater appearances at Pioneer Theater Company in "The Music Man" and My One and Only. As a founding member of Salt City Transfer, he has developed a unique ability to entertain both young and old alike with the craft of a capella singing. Now with Salt City Transfer again, we find him singing those incredible tenor tags with the versatility to carry the melody on the modern harmony selections. Add to this, the always unexpected and enchanting timing of quick wit and you have an unequaled entertainment package.

And Soprano, Jennifer Saunders is from Baltimore, an artist with a host of stage credits. She appeared The Music Man, The Unsinkable Molly Brown, and Broadway Bound. She has spent time in New York City performing and other east coast venues for many years.

Baritone, Kirk Gundersen, is a talented singer with a variety of vocal skills and entertainment experience in the local market. He spent 20 years with Salt City Transfer as the baritone with an unlimited upper range and helped enable the group to include some of the finest pieces of music with virtuoso arrangements. These numbers added to any repertoire make for an incredible performance every time. His 30 years of quartet experience add to other musical theater appearances at Pioneer Theater Company in "The Music Man" and My One and Only.

This combination of singers has over 85 years of entertainment and singing experience. Performing singly or two or three, they bring a wealth of talent and a host of stage performances to any show and are certain to leave your audience wanting more. Their varied and unique repertoire provides a delightful bit of relaxing entertainment for any occasion from an after dinner floor show to a full staged concert. Whatever your needs, if you want the best vocal entertainment, call now, as they are guaranteed to leave your entire audience wanting more of K & B Artists.

CONTACT: Dr. Bruce Gundersen - 801-272-8471
Email bruce@piclinic.com