The Total Concept of Absolute Health

Introduction To Absolute Health

In addition to the 7 keys, there are seven fundamental elements of Absolute Health:

1. Physical Health involves taking care of ourselves by eating right, exercising, taking the indicated food supplements, and having routine fitness and functional exams and eliminating all forms of toxicity from the body. It discourages the use of tobacco, drugs and alcohol consumption;

2. Social Health addresses interpersonal relationships and helps individuals to enter into successful and fulfilling relationships with family, friends, significant others and others;

3. Spiritual Health involves finding meaning and purpose in life which gives individuals the strength to cope with despair and helps us feel good about Being alive;

4. Emotional Health addresses intrapersonal relationships and gives one a better understanding of their feelings and emotions;

5. Intellectual Health involves the maintaining of cognitive stimulation to prevent mental stagnation. Learning is seen as a lifelong process of mental challenges and creativity;

6. Vocational Health addresses career goals and paths and finding a balance between life at home and work; and,

7. Global Health includes the connection between personal wellness and the broader world in which we live. It addresses intercultural awareness, environmental issues, diversity, and global unity.

Absolute Health is a lifelong process with no end point. It is a state of optimal being, not simply the absence of illness, but an improved quality of life resulting from enhanced physical, mental, and spiritual health.

The typical patient requires about eight months to be introduced to the basic concept and fundamental building blocks of Absolute Health. It is with hope the introduction and acceptance of some or all of the elements of wellness, the patients will continue to follow these principles and develop good health and wellness practices.

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