Over the last couple of years something very exciting has been happening in the medical research community. Scientists are beginning to discover the amazing healing powers of certain amino acids. Arginine is one of the more important ones. The benefits that can come from arginine--including help for impotence are staggering.

As a bit of background, amino acids are building blocks that make up proteins. The body requires around 22 of these amino acids to make human protein. It can actually produce 14 of these, but the other eight must come from food sources and are, therefore, considered "essential" amino acids. Arginine is generally a nonessential amino acid; it can be synthesized from a dietary amino acid called citrulline. (I don't want to get too technical here, but if I left out this little tidbit about citrulline, I wouldn't be able to tell my watermelon story later.)

Although arginine is considered nonessential and theoretically your body should be able to synthesize all you need, researchers are finding that in many people this doesn't happen. They've recently found that arginine is responsible for such a wide variety of critical functions throughout the body that it's not that uncommon for it to be in short supply when it fights disease. And to researchers' amazement, many diseases can be greatly improved or sometimes even eliminated simply by increasing levels of this basic compound, particularly in its L-arginine form. I'll go over a variety of these conditions later, but I'd like to start out by discussing L-arginine's astonishing effect on impotence.


When it comes to impotence, arginine gives new meaning to the phrase, "Just Say NO."

In the last few years, researchers have discovered an important messenger molecule in the body--nitric oxide (NO).

Practically every event that takes place in your body must be initiated by some form of cellular messenger. For decades it was believed that chemicals like acetylcholine were the main messengers. For example, message from the brain that starts as an electrical impulse travels down a nerve until it reaches a synapse or gap between two nerves. The chemical acetylcholine then carries the message across the gap to the next nerve. Chemical messengers or neurotransmitters like acetylcholine are relatively easy to isolate and have been studied extensively for years. In certain body functions, however, scientists were never able to determine how the organ or cell received the message. The ability of males to achieve an erection was one such function.

For an erection to occur, the muscles in the blood vessel walls of the penis must relax to allow blood to flood the organ. Researchers knew something had to trigger the muscle relaxation, but they couldn't figure out exactly what was doing it. Though they didn't know the exact mechanism, everyone agreed that blood vessels must contain a smooth muscle relaxing factor, or as it is more commonly known, an endothelium-derived relaxing factor (EDRF).

It turned out that this smooth muscle relaxing factor was nitric oxide gas (NO). NO is constantly being produced in little puffs by the smooth muscles that line blood vessels. It enters the bloodstream where it is rapidly destroyed by the blood's hemoglobin. The whole process lasts only two to three seconds, which makes it almost impossible for researchers to detect.

Based on the fact that nitroglycerin used by heart patients breaks down into nitric oxide, researchers surmised that the mystery substance might be nitric oxide. By using the same machine that measures nitric oxide in automobile exhaust fumes, they found the cells were giving off the gas. When the muscles in the blood vessels were flooded with NO, they relaxed or dilated and blood flow increased dramatically. When they were prevented from making the gas, blood vessels constricted and blood pressure went through the roof.

Interesting story, right, but how does it relate to impotence, and more importantly, arginine? Well, it just so happens that nitric acid is produced from the breakdown of arginine. Clinical studies have now revealed that increasing arginine levels can help relax blood vessels in the penis, greatly increasing the chance of an erection.

A Natural Way to Boost Libido

If you're looking for a safe, simple way to improve your libido, you might try royal jelly. Royal jelly is a glandular secretion made by worker bees. Fed to a selected ordinary female bee, it transforms her into the queen. It turns out to be pretty miraculous stuff. On this diet alone, the new queen grows to 1-1/2 times the size of ordinary bees and lives over four years, compared to the normal bee life span of forty days!

Royal jelly contains an abundance of minerals, essential amino acids, acetylcholine, vitamins A, C, D, and E, testosterone (Journal of Nut. 57; 63: 591-99) and most B-vitamins. In face it is the richest source of pantothenic acid or B5. Its testosterone content has been reported to help increase libido.

Collecting and processing difficulties make royal jelly somewhat expensive. Premier One Royal Jelly sells products with verying potencies in either the natural jelly form or in capsules. You can find their products in health food stores, or they can be ordered at a discount from us by request - contact us.

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