LifeStyle Modification

Several studies have shown that the achievement of wellness is largely based on modification of present life style habits and replacing them with other habits that are more intended to improve health. Here are a list of a few behaviors that you shouled consider using as replacements for behaviors that create stress in your life:

  1. Drink 64 oz. of clean water each day
  2. Exercise intensely for 30 minutes each day
  3. Reduce the refined carbohydrates a little every day.
  4. Sit and meditate 30 minutes after eating each meal and concentrate on all the good things of the day.
  5. Listen to at least 30 minutes or more of good music each day.
  6. Read poetry out loud at least twice each week.
  7. Spend one minute each day telling someone close to you specific details about what you like about him or her.
  8. Spend 5 minutes contemplating the beauty of a great painting.
  9. Go for a 15 minute walk and take in all the beauties of nature around you.
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