Edward and Mary Malinda Casper Gundersen/son

Compiled By A Great Granddaughter Maurine Jane Purcell Purser

Feb. 5, 2007

October 5, 1852, Edward Gundersen was born in Frederickstown, Norway.

The son of Thomas and Olena Hansen Gundersen .he was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints when about 8 years of age. His parents having joined the church previous to the time. He immigrated to America in 1864 living two years in the state of Wisconsin, arriving in Utah in 1866, and seting in Big Cottonwood, Utah.

Mary Malinda Casper was born at Big Cottonwood, Utah on Aug. 2, 1857 to Duncan Spears and Matilda Ann Allison Casper And was married September 18, 1876, in Salt Lake City, Utah. They resided in Big Cottonwood. And Eventually two daughters were born to them. First Malinda Ann on July 30, 1878, and Louisa Olina, on the 31 st of March 1882.

Matilda, Olena, Malinda & Edward C. Gundersen /son

In the summer of 1882, Malinda’s brother, Alonzo Casper told them that there was land near their home in Menan, Idaho that could be homesteaded, so they hooked up their team and wagon and some of their belonging and their two baby girls and headed for Idaho by way of Peoa, Utah down to Echo, then to Evanston, Wyoming down through Bear Lake country to Montpellier, Idaho, then Soda Springs and on to Bancroft and over the hills to Fort Hall. From Fort Hall to Eagle Rock ( which is now Idaho Falls) then on to Menan, a long interesting journey.

They homesteaded 160 acres next to the Menan town site, and proceeded to build a two-room log cabin on this land. Then on the 8 th of April 1885 another daughter Malinda Ann was born to them. And in 1888, the 27 th day of April in this little log cabin a baby boy, Edward Casper Gunderson was welcomed by the family.

In 1890 they moved back down to Utah, in Salt Cake county at Big Cottonwood where their home was, along with 25 acres of land. It took 7 days each way.

In 1896 the two brothers were called on a mission back to Norway. They sold forty of the hundred and sixty acres in Menan, Idaho to Carl Johann Olaveson to pay for their missions.


Thomas and Martha Gundersen

Edward Gundersen/son

Matinda Ann (Lynn) 

Louisa Olena  

Matilda (Tilly)

Edward Casper


( Input of Edward C. Gunderson history)

When we lived in Salt Lake Co., Utah. I was fifteen years old, father had me take a team and help haul dirt to fill in the Granite Stake tabernacle grounds. Then we hauled dirt from the brickyard on 23 rd South down to State St. We also would make a trip over across the Jordan River and get a load of dirt and bring it back, thus getting a load of dirt both ways.

One summer my father and I loaded two loads of ice each night and hauled them from the ice house east of our place over to Sugar house to Appollis Rockwoods. Many times it would be after midnight when we got home. I used to go with father to the canyon when he was hauling freight up to the mine at Park City and then we would haul ore back down. Each fall we would go up the Big Cottonwood and haul our wood out, at the South Fork. We had a cabin up there for years.

My father never believed in idleness , so at home we had an orchard. We used to pick and haul thee peaches and strawberries in to the early market in Salt Lake City at 4 a.m. in the early mornings. Other times we hauled fruit out to Summit County on the Weber River. It was a pleasure as we had relatives at Peoa and Oakley, I would stay with them and peddle the fruit. After I sold out I would buy a load of coal at Grass Creek Coal mine and bring it back home. It would take us three or four days sometime to make the trip there and back. Sometimes father and I would each take a team to the coal mine and get in two loads at a time for the winter,,, We slept out on the ground when we camped But lots of times it would be frozen so hard in Nov. and it would be very cold traveling through the mountains. But this did not stop father as he did this for several years..

Ed Gunderson


The Gunderson home in Menan, Idaho

(Left to Right) Gerald, Vern, Joe, Aden, Leona, Rosetta (Zetty), Ed, and Grant Gunderson

2nd Wife



Mary Amelia Mary Amelia Casper Gundersen with Grace and her family

In1886 when polygamy was going on in the church. Edward married his wife Mary Malinda’s cousin Mary Amelia, daughter of William Wallace and Elizabeth Ann Erickson Casper. Born Aug. 26, 1867 in Peoa, Summit Co. Utah

To them these children were born.

Mable Luella - Dec. 25, 1888 in Millcreek, Salt Lake Co. Utah; Grace E.- Mar. 31, 1892 Millcreck Salt Lake Co. Utah; William Albert - Mar. 11, 1892 Holliday, Salt Lake Co, Utah and Ray Casper - Nov. 22, 1898 also in Holliday, Salt Lake Co., Utah..

This was not taken well by Mary Malinda. If fact this is when it is thought that she changed the spelling of the last name Gunder sen to Gunder son

Mary Amelia divorced Edward, and married a man who last name was Netcher.

The children also took that name. Only one, Ray Casper had it legely changed to Netcher.



Mother- Mary A Netcher Netcher- Ray Casper

Jan 1866-1942 Nov. 23 1898 - 1977

Margert Hughes Nov. 12, 1902-Apr. 9, 1977



(Left to Right)Ed Casper Gunderson, Ray Casper Netcher

Edward Gundeerson

 Edward Gunderson of Menan, died Sunday morning, Feb. 10, at his residence, due to old age. He was born in Frederickstown, Norway, No. 5, 1852, the son of Thomas and Olena Gunderson and was baptized a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints when about 8 years of age, His parents having joined the church previous to this time. He immigrated to America in 1864, living two years in the state of Wisconsin, arriving in Utah in 1866, and setting in Big Cottonwood where he married in 1883. He moved to Menan where he homesteaded a piece of land, later returning and living in Big Cottonwood for about 25 years, returning again to Menan.

He is the father of one son and two daughters. Edward C. Gunderson and Matilda Cook of Menan, and Malinda a. Marchant of Roosevelt. Utah, a daughter Louisa Larsen, having died in Salt Lake City. Oct. 24. 1915. He is also the father of three children by a second marriage, Mable Greenland of Lehi, Utah and Abraham Ray Gunderson of Trenton, Utah and another son who was killed in the world War.

Besides his widow, Mary Gunderson, he leaves 6 children, 26 grandchildren and 5 great grand children.

In 1896 he filled a mission to his native land, returning in 1897.

Funeral services were held Wed. Feb. 13 at 1 p.m. from the Menan ward meeting house.

Bishop George L. Hart was in charge of the services with First Counselor Seymour R. Green conducting. The choir sang “Behold Tis Eventide”. Invocation by George Harper of the Bybee Ward solo by A. R. Green “ I Know That My Redeemer Lives” Speakers were George Casper of Lewisville, O.W. Green of Menan, life loving Friends of the deceased. Solo by Harriet Green, “O My Father” Speakers were George M. Larson of the High Council, Pres. Josiah Call of the Stake Presidency. And Robert H. Hamilton from sugar city ward, Salt Lake City, Utah. The choir sang, “ Sweet Rest In Heaven” Benediction by Wm. S. Cottle.

Edward Gunderson


Mrs. Malinda Gunderson 73, died at the home of her son Edward C. Gunderson at Menan, Friday morning, following a lingering illness of six months, death being due to heart trouble.

Mrs. Gunderson was born at Big Cottonwood. Utah, Aug. 2 1857. Sept. 18, 1877, she was married to Edward Gunderson. In the spring of 1883 she moved with her husband to this section of the country where she has since resided.

Three children survive Mrs. Gunderson; Malinda Marchant, of Roosevelt, Utah; Matilda Cook of Menan and Edward C. Gunderson also of Menan.

Mrs. Gunderson is also survived by four brothers and one sister Alonzo Casper of Menan; Peter Casper, of Menan; Arthur Casper of Union, Utah; Beatrice Rasmussen of Bury, Idaho and Jesse Casper of Burley, Idaho. Also 26 grand children and nine great grand children survive her.

Mrs. Gunderson was a very active worker in the L.D. S. church. Her first position in the church being that of secretary of the Relief Society at Big Cottonwood, Utah at the age of 16.

Funeral service was held Sunday at the Menan ward house with Bishop George Hart in charge of the services and Flamm and Eckersell in charge of the funeral arrangements.


Mary Malinda Casper Gunderson

With some Stay children.