Stretches and Exercises for Specific Conditions

Exercise is an important part of recovery from any muscle, bone or joint condition. Please make certain you understand the exercises prescribed by the doctor and only do those indicated. Do not do more than has been recommended. Our goal is to rehabilitate an injury or condition and not to create a weight lifting champion, body builder or athletic competitor. We have other exercises for those goals...these are not they. Please do only those items recommended and do them exactly as recommended.

Acute Cervical Spine Injuries Headache Rotator Cuff Strain
Ankle Sprain Hip Sprain Sacroiliac Sprain
Bursitis Iliotibial Band Syndrome Shoulder Dislocation
Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Knee Sprain Tension Headaches
Cervical Disc Syndrome Lumbar Degnereative Joint Disease Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Cervical Sprain Lumbar Disc Syndrome Thoracic Sprain
Cervical Brachial Syndrome Migraine Headaches Whiplash
Epicondylitis Myofascitis Low Back Pain
Fibromyalgia Posterior Joint Syndrome Osteoarthritis
Frozen Shoulder Rib Injuries  


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