Information about exercises is provided as a service to our patients for educational and rehabilitation purposes only. These exercises are designed for the rehabilitation of injured tissue. They are not intended for body building or athletic training. We also offer those kinds of recommendations, please consult the doctor for those. It is also important to understand that those kinds of exercise workouts and activities may not be good and may even be harmful to the injured tissue. It is critical that you do only those exercise routines that do not cause pain. Please feel free to print the information so that you can refer to it often. Sharing of information is quite risky, however. Do not presume that information is meant for you if you have not seen the doctor and received a specific diagnosis and prescription. Some conditions share similar symptoms but require very different treatment. If you have friends or family who may have similar symptoms, please schedule an appointment to see the doctor.

Exercise is an important part of recovery from any muscle, bone or joint condition. Please make certain you understand the exercises prescribed by the doctor and only do those indicated. Do not do more than has been recommended. Our goal is to rehabilitate an injury or condition and not to create a weight lifting champion, body builder or athletic competitor. We have other exercises for those goals...these are not they. Please do only those items recommended and do them exactly as recommended.


Please perform the following maneuvers 3 times each day, each for the first week when instructed to do so by the doctor:

1. While seated, using your big toe as an imaginary pencil, please write each letter of the alphabet and the numbers 1-9 on an imaginary wall.


2. While standing and leaning against the wall, put one foot behind you and lean toward the wall so that the calf on that leg stretches slowly. Retun to the nromal standing position and repeat 5 times.


After the fourth day of performing the above, please perform these maneuvers 3 times each day for the next 4 days:

3. Stand while holding on to a door handle (that is sturdy and closed) or a stair rail and do 10 slow heel raises on both feet, 10 times counts as once.



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