Condition Management

We are pleased to provide our patients with information to help each manage his/her own condition. The receovery rate for any condition is directly tied to how much the patient does to manage the condition in each of Five areas:
1) Education
2) Stretching Exercises
)Active Exercises
4) Rehabilitation Exercises
5) Health and Nurtition.

Each of these areas will help you improve the rate at which your symptoms will improve and the rate at which your body will be stimulated to heal itself. Select the items to the left below and find your condition in each and work your way through the first 4 items. Number 5 requires condiserable time as all items there relate to almost every condition. If you are not yet sure what the name of your condition is, Ask the Doctor.


1. Condition Information

2. Stretching Exercies

3. Therapeutic Exercises

4. Rehabillitation Exercises

5. Absolute Health

Videos that will help you understand our concepts on healing: Mission and Vision - Philosophy - Integrated Health Care

We believe in working with all of your other health care professionals, not in exclusion of any of them!

Disclaimer: This information is intended for patient use only and is specific to the exact diagnosis provided by the doctor. Use by other persons or use of information or exercises other than those prescribed by the doctor for the exact diagnosis may be contra-indicated, not helpful or harmful and should not be used. Do not begin any program without consulting with and obtaining the approval of your doctor!