Why Are People Sick?

Today in the United states of America, the rate of disease is staggering. According to the Center for Disease Control the Percent of adults who had contact with a health care professional in the past year 2010 was 82.2%. Couple this with the entitlement mentality and pretty soon, everyone will be sick for one reason or another. As we deal with the real diseases, we see that a good many of them are caused because the immune system of the body has failed and disease invades.

Immune system failures occur for a variety of reasons, damage from childhood vaccines, deficiencies of necessary ingredients, ingestion of refined sugars, general body fatigue or any combination of these may lead to partial immune suppression and eventual disease.

Once symptoms appear, the traditional medical model is to treat them until they go away; rarely if ever addressing the cause and fostering the adage that "symptoms treated that go away will rise and live another day.," making the traditional medical model one that perpetuates itself with necessary failures.

Nowadays there is a push for what is called Prevention by the traditional model where early detection of disease is sought. This leads to early treatment and suppression of the symptoms without ever considering, much less detecting the real disorder. Understand that early detection is just that, early detection of a disease or symptom of a disease already underway in the body. It is not prevention.

Actual Prevention is what the immune system does when left unencumbered to do its job. When encumbered by unnecessary vaccinations, refined carbohydrate predominated diet, environmental toxicity or some prescription medicines, natural immunity fades and dies.

The solution may seem complicated but starts with avoidance of unnecessary vaccinations, prescription medicines, ingestion of or exposure to toxic substances and improved diet and nutritional supplementation.