Our Patients Get Results

The following are actual statements from patients who have been treated here at the clinic and who have given specific permission for this inclusion.. Only first names are used to comply with current trends in privacy regulations.

"The doctors and staff at the Personal Injury Clinic have always demonstrated exceptional professionalism, courteousness and service. They are a model for the rest of the medical industry. Dr. Gundersen and his staff have always bent over backwards to accommodate my needs. During times of immediate needs, they often are able to schedule me within hours of placing the phone call. The care and treatment they have provided me has been outstanding. Their gentle yet aggressive care has taken care of my pain and directed my body back to a healthy path. I have always appreciated that Dr. Gundersen has always taken the time to explain the diagnosis as well as a plan of treatment. I have and will continue to recommend the Personal Injury Clinic to anyone searching for superior care and the highest degree of ethical treatment." Matt

"Dr. Gundersen and his staff are very compassionate and accommodating to scheduling appointments. As a person who had never experienced chiropractic therapy before, I was initially skeptical but wished to look into other pain management and healing methods besides more medication, injection therapy, and more physical therapy. Dr. Gundersen is very professional and has high level skills in manipulation and wellness measures. Numerous times he has helped me out of incapacitating pain without the invasive measures suggested by other physicians. Access to his patient gym has been extremely helpful in strengthening muscles to enhance the healing process. I would highly recommend Dr. Gundersen to others interested in chiropractic care." Linda

"Both my wife and myself are very happy with Bruce Gundersen as our chiropractor. He is very friendly and his treatment has been very beneficial to both of us. We average once a month and sometimes more. His staff is very friendly and helpful. It is very easy to get an appointment and often times I have just dropped in and I'm always taken care of. We have told any number of people about the clinic and how much help they have been to us. Almost anyone and particularly over age 50, I think, needs a periodic adjustment to keep themselves in alignment." Cal and Diane

"I was referred to Dr. Gundersen by my sister who had been going to him for several years. I was having back and sciatic prolems down my leg. After a couple of weeks of treatments by Dr. Gundersen, the pain subsided. I have been going to him now for a couple of years and go at least once a month just to maintain. I have found that I feel much better and can avoid such problems that first brought me to him. I would feel good about recommending him to anyone." Kathy

"The office is great at accomodating last minute appointments. We have recommended your office to family and friends. We have felt that monthly 'maintenance' appointments have helped us to reduce the amount of times we put our back out and help us get back on our feet. Dr. Gundersen has been willing to help out after hours if needed." Blake and Donalee

"I began with severe pain in my arm. It came on gradually over a period of two weeks and I could nt get any sleep. I have had about two weeks of treatment and the arm pain has subsided and I am sleeping normally." Sally

"I have had a cold every year in the Fall for as long as I remember. I seem to get them about every 4 months as well. Sometimes they are so bad that I cannot talk for several days. I got on the recommended immunity plan of supplements that I got in the newsletter last year and have been on it faithfully ever since. I have not had a cold in over 9 months. This has never happened to me in my life. I think the probiotic is the secret but this is working so well, I do not want to leave anything out." Martha

"I am the type of guy who only comes in when it hurts. The doc has tried to get me to come once a month for years and I guess I should but I never will. When it does hurt, he fixes me right up. I know I should think about health and prevention sooner or later and I guess I have picked later. But at least he gets me out of pain and that is what matters right now." Gary

"My visits have been both pleasant and satisfactory and I highly recomend treatment and care by the Personal Injury Clinic." Peter

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