College of Common Law

Notary Witness

A notary witness is a notary public who serves as a third party witness to a private administrative process. This  means that the notary's name and address is at the end of your document and the respondent is instructed to send all replies to her. You would, of course, have to let the notary know your contact information in case she receives any replies. Either you can handle all the mailings to your respondent and when the process is complete, you ask the notary for a Notice of Non-Response or, all of your documents can be mailed to the respondent by the notary in which case she would include a Proof of Mailing/Witness of Contents form with your documents. She would also keep track of the dates documents are mailed and whether or not there were any replies. This way, a much more detailed Notice of Non-Response can be provided to you.

If you cannot locate a notary in your area who is willing to be a witness for your process, we have notaries on staff here who can assist in that regard. Since we are not witnessing your signature (a local notary can do that), it does not matter where you are located. If an answer is not received within the time specified in your document, contact us or the notary to verify that s/he has not gotten a response either.

If you are sending us documents to serve, please complete the Instruction Form and either submit on-line or print and send with your paperwork.

There are 2 ways in which you can utilize a Notary Witness:

1) A Presentment: the Document or Instrument that is served to the Respondent(s) one time. If it is not replied to or acted upon, the notary can issue a Notice of Non-Response.
     You would send us the completed paperwork which would include a time frame for response, and the notary's name and address for the party(ies) to respond to. Contact us for that information or use the e-mail form below. The notary serves the document to the Respondent(s) you indicate along with the "Proof of Service and Witness of Contents". If the specified time passes with no reply, send us an e-mail and an Notice of Non-Response will issue. The suggested donation for one (1) serving plus the Notice of Non-Response would  be $75* which includes the postage and certified mail fee for one respondent.
     You can make this into a multi-step process if you want the notary to follow up your initial Presentment by serving your Notice of Fault and then the Default. The Notice of Non-Response which would issue would be more detailed after the 3-step process is completed. The 3-step would be an additional $100, for a total of $175 which includes mailing and postage costs for one Respondent*.


2)  If you have a process that is already completed and has been ignored, see our Certificate of Dishonor Method / Notary Protest page.

*If there is more than one Respondent and they are at different addresses, please include  $10 per each additional party for each mailing to cover the extra expenses . If there are multiple parties at the one address, add an extra $5 or $10 to cover copying & postage. Rather than get into 'nickel & dime' details here, we'll leave the additional funds to your discretion based upon how many pages your documents are, how many parties, etc. E-mail us if you have a question.

There can be many variables as mentioned above. There may be Respondents in other countries or many documents to present which would drive up the cost, so consider the prices mentioned to be guides. Your particular process may not fit the 'model'.

To avoid confusion, please send us your instructions. Complete our Instruction Form and either submit on-line or print and send with your paperwork.