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Using a Commercial Process for Simple Justice

This process is based on Mosaic law and comes out of the rules of commerce that have stood the test of ages:

  • A workman is worthy of his hire
  • All are equal under the law
  • In commerce, truth is sovereign
  • Truth is expressed in the form of an Affidavit
  • An unrebutted Affidavit stands as truth in commerce
  • An unrebutted Affidavit becomes the judgement in commerce
  • In commerce, a matter must be expressed to be resolved
  • He who leaves the battlefield first loses by default
  • Sacrifice is the measure of credibility (no willingness to sacrifice = no liability, responsibility, authority or measure of conviction)
  • A lien or claim can be satisfied only through rebutting by affidavit point by point, resolution by jury, or  payment

There are 4 documents in this process. The following descriptions are how they've been used effectively in the past and the time frames are those typically used in commerce. Whether they are used "as is" or revised, you own them by using them.

1) Notice & Demand (Affidavit) - All the allegations and claims against the people you name are laid out in affidavit form. It's best to find the laws or statutes for your state that have been violated as listing them will give your Notice & Demand more authority. There is a 10-day time frame for the respondents to answer.

2) Opt-Out Presentment with Opportunity to Cure - If no responses to #1 are received by the notary, this document reminds them what needs to be done to correct the harm that has been done to you and tells them the monetary value of same, giving them the option of paying you for the damages. It also lets them know the steps you may take in order to collect on the damages. They are given 20 days in which to answer.

3) Notice of Further Ending of Commercial Grace  - Another reminder to correct or pay for harm done and lets them know how you will calculate damages if your demand is ignored. 10 days is given to answer.

4) Notice of Default / Notary Certificate of Non-Response - A summary of what the Respondent(s) have agreed to by their silence or by their defective replies. Notary's Certif. of Non-Response recites the dates that each document was sent out and whether or not there was a response.

As more and more people desire to settle their matters privately, use of notaries to provide witnessing and verification services is becoming more popular. Make sure you add the witnessing notary's name and address within or at the end of your documents for your Respondent(s) to send their replies to. If you are using one of our notaries, ask us for that information. If responses are received the notary will contact you for directions. If the notary does not contact you within a reasonable period of time, it's best to get in touch with him/her to verify that nothing has been received before going ahead with the next document.

Handling the Process

Send us the facts in your matter and we can do your document preparation. Stated pricing below includes word processing, Certificate of Mailing, copies, postage and certified mailing fees for up to 2 Respondents at the same address provided that your document(s) are not more than 40 pages. Please add $10 more per each additional Respondent(s) at different addresses to each document to cover certified mailing fees, postage, copying, etc.


Preparation of Notice and Demand up to 6 pages
Opt-Out Presentment - Opportunity to Cure
Notice of Further Ending of Commercial Grace   100
Affidavit of Notice of Default     100
Notarial Certificate of Non-Response
TOTAL: $750


Include Payment

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