"The FlashBacks"

Classic Rock &Roll - 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s - - -Memories fro all Occassions!


Steve Lowry Jason Jex Chad Medieros Leslie Henrie Dave Featherstone Bruce Gundersen



The above iteration of the band took shape on 9-9-16 at a fund rasier concert in Riverton, Utah. From left to right our musicians are Steve-Guitar, Jason-Keys, Chad-Guitar, Leslie-violin, Dave-Percussion and Bruce-bass. We feature a wide variety of lead vocal singing styles and impeccable harmony.

We are a classic rock band. We specialize in playing well-known hits from the 50's through the 90's. We are a family-friendly band that plays positive, upbeat music. We have the sounds to cure your blues. We specialize in quality vocal harmonies, having five lead singers in the band, all of whom have had vocal training and experience, in addition to exceptional instrumental abilities.

Past History

In January of 1997, The 94.1 Goodtimes Oldies Band hired Bruce to write vocal arrangements and produce backup singing. After a host of lead vocalist came and went, Bruce sang the lead vocals for several years. The oldies band had several names and several members for the next few years as barbershop took the front burner. In May of 2004, Bruce was planning to leave the Saltaires Show Chorus and form a quartet ensemble of "A level" singers. His 10-year associate with the chorus, Director John Sasine persuaded him to do one more show with the chorus. He orchestrated "The Saltaires-School of Rock." This was a brilliant combination of fabulous barbershop singing and classic rock and roll favorites. To complete the show, he organized The Saltaires Band which included Bruce playing Bass Guitar, Verdi White on Keyboards, Curtis Gundersen on the drum kit, Tom Roberts on rhythm guitar, Keith Taylor and CJ Coop on classical guitar, Mike Andersen as auxilliary percussionist, Ian Robbins on Trombone, Curtis Woodbury on Tenor Sax, Rich Elggren on Banjo and Mark Andromidas on Keyboard. He linked with a host of quartets, Daybreak, Persuasion, Wasatch Sound and Senior Class Reunion to form vocals for 50s, 60s, and 70s rock and roll favorites. Needless to say, the shows were sold out in no time and the audiences thrilled with good singing and good playing - a real rarity in today's rock and roll scene.

With the momentum of the show's success, the core of singers and players decided to rejuvenate the Oldies Band and carry on. They have since added over 30 songs to their repertoire and are now accepting gigs for a very phenomenal fee.

Whatever the occasion, if you want a live band to play the hits of the 50s, 60s and 70s just like the original artists, you need The FlashBacks!